Saturday, February 20, 2016

Going back to my roots + 30 minute challenge

To say that I haven't written here in a while would be a severe understatement - my last post was uploaded in the middle of 2014! I can even remember writing that post (albeit vaguely).

And despite the massive time gaps that exist here, I get the occasional query about how my blog is doing, or rather if it is still alive - to which I reply that I am perfectly fine, thanks so much for asking!

But joking aside, I am always pleasantly surprised to be asked about progress of this blog, despite its large hiatuses and inactivity. While it may not look like much on the outside, I have actually invested a decent amount of time here, evident by over 180 draft posts not yet published.

There are a number of reasons why that may be, ranging from time constraints, to simply lacking a solid lead. I like to think that I maintain somewhat of a high quality set of posts here, rather than a large collection of posts that are "fillers" to serve an excuse of not having anything else better to say. Quality over quantity yo.

Having said that, looking back at all the posts that have already been published here, I have noticed a pronounced shift in my writing style. While a large portion of what I have written here is very cringeworthy to me in retrospect, it's important to note that these posts were made with a "tongue in cheek" demeanor, and are to be taken with a grain of salt!

You know, this blog started in 2010 where I wrote frequently. Almost like a journal. Back then my blog looked different, not like what you currently see. The background had an beautiful orange sky overlooking clouds below. It was actually a really nice picture, and I wish I still had it to show you!

Right now you may be asking: "but Ian, if your blog started in 2010, where are the posts?! I want to read your journal and delve into your deepest thoughts, just like Harry Potter did with Snape's memories!!"

First of all, that's disturbing af. Secondly, I took down the posts. Here is the truth: those posts were so cringe-inducing to me that I think I developed an allergy to my own writing! Reading each post required the hasty administration of adrenaline so as to avert the dire consequences of anaphylaxis.

I realise that while I have been caught up in a lot of work over the past year (2015) and months that followed my last post in July 2014, I am looking to get back into writing.

That is exactly why I am launching a new series here: the 30 minute challenges. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.00pm I will be uploading TWO new posts, each of which will have taken me precisely 30 minutes to complete. That's an hour in total of nonstop writing, fresh off the press for your reading enjoyment! One post will be more argumentative and the other more personal. They will be based on one of, to all 5 random quotes I find on

Given the nature of the challenge, don't expect the writing to be the best you've ever seen. There won't be any editing done once those 30 minutes are up - what you'll see here is all I managed to write! Since I am looking to improve my writing, I would also encourage you to provide me with some of your feedback - what you think I did well, or perhaps could do better in. Conversely, you are welcome to join the discussion and share your thoughts on the topics that will be raised!

I also realise that some people may have enjoyed the cheeky nature of my writing in past times, and to see my blog branch off from my roots may soil their hopes and dreams. Don't you worry now - heaven's got a plan for you! I won't be writing in One Direction only. There will be plenty of bad jokes (like the ones you just witnessed), goofy content and silly pictures to come. Inb4 writing more cringeworthy posts!

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