Friday, March 2, 2012

Girls Are Like Movies

Girls are strange creatures.

They're a complex species. Difficult to understand.

They possess skills and talents that their male counterparts do not. I have heard extraordinary stories of girls teleporting between shops at the mall, multitasking and even not farting. How crazy is that?!

Multitasking right from the start.

Despite the incredible rumours, from my very extensive two minute study on the natural habitat and behaviour of the human female, I've come to discover one thing.

Girls are like movies.

The types of movies you like has a strong correlation to the types of girls you like. See for yourself!

The movies you like are:
1. Blockbusters.
You like a girl who is very social. She tends to hang out with her girlfriends a little too much. You suspect that she is a lesbian. She is perfect.

Yellow eyes? Must be jaundice.

2. Comedies.
You like a girl who has a colourful personality. She is probably hyperactive. She is perfect.

3. Science fictions.
You like a girl who is a little geeky. She enjoys talking about her favourite movies and loves being quizzed on them. She is perfect.

4. Fantasy fictions.
You like a girl who daydreams about strange things. She is a bookworm by choice and has read New Moon more than twenty times. She is perfect.

5. Oscar-winning.
You like a girl who excels at everything. She is competitive and hates losing. She is perfect.

6. Dramatic.
You like a girl who is more reserved in nature. She is probably a hopeless romantic. She is perfect.

7. Indie.
You like a girl who doesn't follow the mainstream. She is artistic and loves the creative side of life. She is perfect.

8. Action-packed with a million explosions.
You like a girl who is active and sporty. She often watches action movies just for the male star. You will probably be cheated on. She is perfect.

Cool guys don't look at explosions.

9. Thrillers.
You like a girl who loves a little danger in her life. She loves to be excited by something scary. She is perfect.

10. Family-friendly.
You like a girl who loves her family. She is sociable and enjoys making new friends. She is perfect.

Shutter Island is family-friendly. Just ignore the creepy old lady.

11. Romantic.
You like a girl who believes that having a boyfriend is the most important thing in life. She is wrong. She is perfect.

12. Absolutely horrifying.
You like a girl who is bold in nature. She probably studies science. She is perfect.

Greatest horror film of all time.